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Virtual Meetings

Working groups meet over the year in virtual online councils. If you would like to know the dates and maybe attend as witness, please contact group/check the calendar here >AGENDA to get the picture




Way of Council

Best council place up to date, on Culbin Beach in Scotland.

Council is a non hierarchic and co-operative form of communication for groups, relationships and self that puts important focus on the listening. In Council it is given to practice this active listening to the stories we hear and to expressing responsibly our own that needs to be told.

“Society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.”

― Anonymous Greek Proverb


The 12th ECN Gathering this year in Ammersee Southern Germany

Again another large gathering. At present we dont have a country to visit next year, the gatherings have gone full circle around Europe and returned to Germany this year.

The hosting/talking piece is in the centre until somone takes it!



ECN is in a time of listening and emergence as a network as to where to be this year. After sessions to feel into a potential land and people who might host, none were clarified. It might be said that for now the talking/listening piece of the gathering has travelled full circle over 12 years, starting and ending in Germany, and for now rests in the centre. A new form, a new way of meeting may emerge, and/or someone will have a knowing and pick it up, call us to a place to gather.


We will soon be adding a specific page for the CIS, Council in Schools. Meanwhile – Check this video for inspiring work in schools


Latest edition to the NING site is now the possibility to download past ECN letters. Check under the Resources tab.

May the council be with you!!




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